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What is Digital Signage & LED Display and what is the difference?

Updated: Dec 17, 2021

In this day and age, you must be familiar with an informative tool called LED Display and Digital Signage. Exactly, you often see it in hotels, restaurants, cafes, and some offices that use the features of the LED Display or Digital Signage.

Usually you can find Digital Signage and LED Displays on the front of the cafe as informative tools to convey the existence of a business and also what products are offered. Or at the top of the cashier Mc Donald and KFC, and also near the door of a bank. Not only there, you can also find Digital Signage and LED Display at the airport. The screen that you often see to monitor the schedule of planes landing or taking off is also included as an LED Display.

Digital signage and LED displays are used to convey information to consumers so that the desired information is conveyed right before they ask. This information delivery can also be equipped with a touchscreen feature so that consumers can easily interact and find the information they need. Similar to Kiosk? No, because the kiosk functions more as a transaction tool, while Digital Signage and LED Display only provide information that consumers need.

Now, what is the difference between Digital Signage and LED Display? In Indonesia, Digital Signage represents Digital Display as its real name. Digital Display itself can be in the form of Digital Signage, Digital Menu, Digital Recipe, and other Displays that can be converted into digital using information technology. Broadly speaking, the function of LED Display and Digital Signage is the same, namely conveying information to consumers, but there is a difference, namely that the LED Display is just a monitor with an additional system that can display information. While Digital Signage, as the name suggests "Sign" is a location marker, that this place is the location of a business/business. Digital signage is usually placed outside a cafe or other business. Which one do you choose? Digital Signage or LED Display? Both are great for adding features and beautifying your Cafe or Restaurant! Even any business can use it.

In terms of price, of course LED Display will be much cheaper than Digital Signage, because LED Display does not have to use a rig/body. Meanwhile, Digital Signage will go through a lot of processes to form a body that can be customized by business owners. Very different yes the same LED Display.

If you want to use Digital Signage or LED Display at your place of business, you can contact for offer details. If you are lucky, you will get a discount from an ongoing promo. What are you waiting for ?

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